Meeting Scheduled with a member of TXDoT’s Bicycle Advisory Board

Billy Hibbs, a current member of TXDoT’s Bicycle Advisory Committee and fellow cyclist, is hosting a meeting at Heartland Secruity Insurance Group auditorium, one block north of the Chili’s on Loop 323 and across the street from Elite Bicycles. The adress is 501 Shelley Drive Tyler, Texas 75701. The meeting is schedule for Thursday, April 24 from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm in the evening. (The most convenient parking is by the flagpoles.) Mr. Hibbs will be presenting a slide show on the agenda from the first BAC meeting, which should be very interesting and enlightening to the membership of all concerned cyclists in East Texas. Please make plans to attend!

From Mr. Hibbs:
“The East Texas area has never had a voice on TxDOT’s Bicycle Advisory Committee, and as a result, our region has been left out of virtually all projects, money, and future planning. Thanks to the efforts of Commissioner Austin to expand this influential committee within TxDOT, I have four meetings per year over the next three year term to try and get something done for this area. It would most helpful if I could present a slide show in our downstairs auditorium at the location below next Thursday, from 5:30 to 6:30PM, to get organized with some objectives.”

Welcome to the new Tyler Bicycle Club website!

We have been planning on this change for over a year and everything finally fell into place and we are now live.  Now that we have the site up and running, what can you expect to see?  We will have the same info as the old site, plus much more.  We are working to integrate the Facebook and twitter feeds onto the website page as well as the forum.  We hope to have more interactive maps and up to date ride postings.  Our newsletter will be fully online by mid-year and it will be updated weekly.  All of the officers will have the ability to log on to the site and update the information as needed.  New member’s names will be posted as they join and all club events and activities, such as special rides and time trial results will be posted on the website.  Our goal is to have our members spend more time on the website to communicate with one another and to learn of the club activities.  The website will also be a tool to introduce the club to all potential members.

I hope you enjoy the new!

Kelly C Boucher

It is time for the Mt. Selman Four Mile Time Trial!

Mt. Selman four mile Time Trial starts this week! Thursday, April 10th will be the first of five Time Trials. We are working on ideas for raffle items and we have a surprise for this years’ TT. Be at the Mt. Selman Baptist Church to start signing up around 6:00 pm and the first rider goes off at 6:30 pm.

Remember, you must be a current member of either the TBC or ETT to participate and you must participate (ride or volunteer) in 4 of the 5 TT’s to qualify for the raffle drawing.

Possible raffle items:  New Cobb saddle, Cycling shoes, Park Tool Kit and several other items.

Time Trail Dates:  April 10th, 24th, May 8th, 22nd and the Final TT will be June 5th.

Results ETT/TBC 4mi TT, April 10, 2014
In order of finish

1. Seth Cooke 6:25.43, 37.42 mph av.

2. Chuck Lafferty 6:40.92, 36.00 mph av.

3. Nathan Lesniewski, 6:49.71, 35.21mph av.

4. Clay Emge, 7:01.44, 34.22mph av.

5. Michael Rodriguez, 7:05.15, 33.89mph av.

6. Will Hughes, 7:13.93, 33.28mph av.

7. Billy Hughes, 7:29.18, 32.07mph av.

8. Larry Crowson, 7:32.06, 31.87mph av.

9. Brandon Lowder, 7:39.99, 31.37mph av.

10. Ashley Lesniewski, 7:44.43, 31.05mph av.

11. Michael Colvin, 7:46.10, 30.91mph av.

12. Wade Klein, 7:46.17, 30.91mph av.

13. Darrell Allen, 7:49.39, 30.72mph av.

14. Monty Geddie, 7:56.24, 30.25mph av.

15. Kyle Chamberlain, 8:05.23, 20.70mph av.

16. Carole Burroughs, 8:05.62, 29.70 mph av.

17. Bo Jackson, 8:09.64, 29.45 mph av.

18. Kayla Bass, 8:14.50, 29.15mph av.

19. Jeannie Lafferty, 8:20.31, 28.82mph av.

20. Jaimie Crain, 8:41.92, 27.64mph av.

21. Kat Hammers, 8:44.30, 27.49mph av.

22. Richard Grahn, 8:57.00, 26.83mph av.

23. John Cobb, 9:27.55, 25.39mph av.

24. Melissa Hughes, 9:41.57, 24.80mph av.

25. Lacy Thomas, DNF, Traffic

26. Bob Hebb, DNF, Traffic

Thanks to the volunteers, John Freeman, Kristin Blaise, Rick Uribe, Kelly Boucher & Steve Farris.


Great Texas Two Step Award

The City of Tyler won an award for the mountain bike trail at Lindsey and the partnership with so many groups including the Tyler Bicycle Club.

Below is the letter regarding our award and the application we submitted is attached.

From the Texas Trails Network Award Nomination

I just wanted to let you know that your award nomination was selected for a Great Texas Two Step Award !  Congratulations!

It is very exciting to see the work going on in Tyler regarding trails and especially the Lindsey Park Mountain Bike Trail.  What a great example of different entities working together to further the development of trails.

I will let you notify your nominee and others in your area regarding this Great Texas Two Step Award in Tyler.  Let me know if you are planning on being at the conference.  We can work out further logistics and details too.

Congratulations again !

Jim Waldbauer

TTN Awards Committee

2014 TTN – Tales of Texas award nomination form

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