The Tyler Bicycle Club is comprised of a very diverse group of members ranging from those who support the club by volunteering to help in various activities to serious mountain and road bikers with most falling somewhere in between.  Members' occupations are also very diverse with only the common thread of bicycling bringing them together.  This combination enhances the experience of getting together with other bikers without having to talk shop or think too much about work.
     The overwhelming majority of club members are eager to help new riders experience the joys of bicycling, and will go out of their way to make them feel welcome.  Almost everyone in the club has extreme sympathy for new comers with all their apprehensions, because they were once there themselves.  We all know how intimidating it can be to join an organization with seasoned members, who know the ropes, when we know very little.  That is what the club is all about.  It is about spreading the joys of cycling throughout the community.     Click Here for Membership Benefits


by Jim Walker

The Tyler Bicycle Club is an organization of higher organisms located on the third planet from an average star on an arm of a spiral galaxy.  The group is united by the practice of propelling  mechanical devices, which change the circular motion imparted by the organism's two lower extremities to horizontal motion across the face of the planet. Some choose to propel such contraptions across rough earth, some across smooth earth, some do both, and some even have contraptions built for two organisms to take advantage from both. 
Further diversities exist within the group.  Some propel contraptions between two points on the substrate in a contest to be the first organism to reach the second point.  Some propel contraptions at leisure speeds and use their senses to probe the surrounding substrate for pleasing shapes, odors, and other experiences, and sometimes communicate to each other by making familiar sounds generated by an organ located within a cavity in the superior end of the organism.  This cavity also serves as an entrance for nutrients, quantities of dihydrogen oxide, and diatomic oxygen, which the organisms consume to provide the energy needed for the circular motion of their lower extremities. 
Some innate defensive mechanisms, which were necessary for survival as the organisms evolved from the muck in the organic pools of the super continent Pangea, still persist within this social group of organisms.  The propensity for prejudiced behavior toward organisms from different cultures sometimes surfaces from within the sub-groups,  i.e. ... rough earth verses smooth earth riders, fast earth riders verses the leisurely, and the organisms sometimes lose focus on what united them as a social group in the first place.  Usually, however, after communicating opinions from different locations through binary codes over a sophisticated medium, which harnesses certain wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum, differences are worked out, and the social group again becomes unified.


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