Answers to Bicycle History Quiz Level 2...

 1.  Kirkpatrick Macmillan created the first self-propelled bike.
 2.  H.J. Larson designed the first chain-driven, or "Safety," bike.
 3.  Schwinn produced the Sting-Ray.
 4.  In 1978 more bikes were sold than cars.  Do you know why?
 5.  Dunlop added the pneumatic tire to the bicycle.
 6.  Ordinary was the name of the "high-wheeler."
 7.  "Major Taylor" was the first African American to become the premier sports figure in a major American sport.  What were his accomplishments?
 8.  Bikes first have front and rear suspensions in the 1890's.
 9.  It was discovered that a person could balance on two wheels while coasting down a hill around 1817.
            Who discovered this?
10.  James Starley invented the velocipede?
11.  Kirkpatrick Macmillan developed the "high wheeler."
12.  There are nine cycling events are in today's Olympic games.

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