SCHEDULED FOR December 4, 2003

When: Thu, Dec 4th 2003
Where - Time:  Line up will start at the Municipal Court, downtown, at 5 PM.
The parade starts at 6 PM.  We are 42nd in the line up.  We'll probably find each other behind
the new Salvation Army building, where the old one was located, on North Spring St.  You can
park at the Chamber of Commerce if you get there early.
For the safety of the children only people walking in the parade can throw candy to the children.
If you bring some, make sure you are close to them so that they don't run on the street.
We need two volunteers to carry the club banner.   Those two persons will have to walk about 8
or ten blocks.  Let me know.
Don't forget to layer and decorate your bike.  You'll find fun little lights at Michael's or Hobby
Remember:  Children can ride but they have to be with their parents.
Please, come.  Let's show Tyler that we have a strong club.  We would love to see bicycle lanes
in town one day! ---Galén

The parade will be held on Dec 5, 2002.
Line up starts at 5:00 PM on College Ave. in front of the Caldwell Auditorium.
Another chance to display our lights on our bikes and other interesting ornaments.
More details on the route to come later.

They have put us in the #10 spot in the parade, behind the VIPs and the TJC Apache Belles and
Band. It means that the more people we have, the better. WE NEED TWO PERSONS
WALKING AND HOLDING THE BANNER. Let me know if you can volunteer for this.
The line up starts at 5 PM along University Place and College Ave. The parade will begin
promptly at 6: PM at Broadway and University Place. It will go north on Broadway, then around
the square and back down College Ave. Since we are going to be in the front, we need to be
there early. 

The street closure will begin at 5:30 PM and will last until 7:25 PM for the parade route.
The closure of College Ave. and University Place will begin at 5:00 PM. 

They don't want Santa to appear in our group. Where you thinking about it?
Awards will be given to the "Most Christmas Spirit", "Most School Spirit", and the "Most
Creative Christmas Float". 

Everyone is invited to the Christmas Tree Lighting on the square immediately following the

For safety reasons the Tyler Police Department does not want anyone throwing candy from a
float or a vehicle. The groups must have someone walk a minimum of 4 feet from the vehicle and
hand it out from there. I think that the two persons carrying our banner can handle that. Bring
your bag of candy.

If you are going to ride, don't forget your tail light and head light (any size). Wear your TBC jersey
if you have one. Adorn your bike with lights and anything you like. I'm sure we'll find each other
like we have always done.

Check this out...
1 City of Tyler Police Department Motorcycle Motorcade
2 City of Tyler Police Department Color Guard
3 Tyler Jaycees Christmas Parade Banner
4 Mayor Joey Seeber and Fa.
5 Stewart Edison Jr. Academy Cheerleaders
6 Tyler Jaycee President and President Elect
7 TJC Apache Belles
8 TJC Apache Band
9 Chick Fil-A Cow on a '57 Thunderbird
10 Tyler Bicycle Club
11 Ballet Folklorico Estrella
12 State Rep. Leo Berman
13 Cub Scout Pack 370 from Green Acres Baptist Church
14 Tyler Fire Department Honor Guard
15 Tyler Fire Department Ladder One with Channel 7 KLTV
There are 63 entries.
Hope to see you there.

December 6, 2001
TIME:  5:15 P.M.
START:  6:00 P.M.
PARKING:  Downtown at the Municipal Court, Salvation Army or Old Cinema Theater.
ROUTE:  Starts on N. Broadway at the Municipal Court, then down south on Broadway to the square and around it, east one block by the Courthouse, then north on the street behind the Courthouse back to Municipal Court (about 6 blocks).

I encourage the TBC members who watched the parade last year and then were envious and regretful for not participating, to line up, ride the bikes and have fun this year.

If you have a child carrier on your bike and wish to ride with your children, do so.  Small children can ride their bikes or tricycles as long as they follow the adults and stay in the group.  Last year we decorated our bikes with battery operated cheap lights bought at Hobby Lobby and other places.  Be creative.  Wear your TBC club jersey if you have one.  Eric and I have two extra jersey we can lend.  Last year we had good weather.  If it gets chilly we'll wear tights and a couple of layers under our jerseys.

Please, help me spread the word out.  Hope you can come.


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