Gnarly Dog #1 Roger's Bullard Ride

Gnarly Dog Events 2004-2005
Oct 17, 2004


What to bring:  Lawn chair, Off Spray, (I haven't needed it but you never know), a snack for after the ride and drinks.

We will be starting at a post oak grove near a house built in 1898. We will leave Faulkner Park at 1:00 PM Sunday Oct 17. The trip will be about 12 miles.

If you miss the caravan the directions are as follows: Hwy 69 South past Bullard you pass, on your right, a number of small business' with limestone rock fronts on the buildings. Hwy signs will read FM 2493 North and 2493 South (on your right). Pass these two roads and start looking to your right for County Road 3701. It is hard to see. Turn right on this road and go about one mile and turn right on a dirt road, 3704. Don't wash your car that weekend. Stay on that road for about one and one half miles and look to your left for cars and an old gray house wrapped in metal (to help protect it). This is where the ride starts. 95 per cent of the ride will be through pastures and creeks. There is one ridge that we can climb or stay in the lower areas. Runners can come if they like. There are over 25 miles of so-called roads but we will only do a portion of those. It is a ride to view this beautiful place. There are three lakes and three creeks that join together to drain into Lake Palestine. I will try to get some idea of mileage if I can. Roger

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