Photos from 1999

Though not TBC sponsored, enough riders from Tyler travel all the way across Texas to make this quite an unofficial TBC event.  Just getting there and back is an adventure in itself.  The rugged Chihuahuan Desert is the setting for this race in the "wild west" town of Lajitas, where the TBC proudly displays its banner. There is dust, dust, and more dust.  Some riders even wear masks to help filter the air.  When you get back, your bike will have obtained a new desert sands color.  The temperature varies greatly, and might be anywhere from the 50's to nearly 100 degrees.  The race is over 30+ miles of rocks of many sizes, all types of sand, and a variety of spinny plants.   It blasts down dry creeks and on the edge of cliffs and gullies.  There is one major mountain with a two mile climb, and a very fast hair raising descent around turns on a very loose, rutted out surface.  "Hydrate or die" takes on its literal meaning.

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