by William Cornelius

There’s a new rider out today
Looking a little lost
Not knowing just what to say
One of us will need to ride slow today
I know, Let Galen do it.

Planning the picnic
We need a lot of stuff
Who’ll bring this, and what about that?
I swear, it’s never enough
But, before we Boo Hoo it,
I have an idea, we’ll Let Galen do it.

Nominating committee came a calling
They want me for another term
Not sure, I say, I’ll let you know
They scratch their heads at my response
How should we construe it?
Or, we could just Let Galen do it.

Tired of all that Prez Sez stuff
I’ve run out of things to say
Does that newsletter really matter anyway?
Of course it does, right Stephanie?
Whew, I almost blew it
Well, starting next month, I can
Let Galen do it.

Being President’s been an honor
It really has been swell
Had fun riding, made some friends,
Learned some things, oh well
This day would come, I knew it,
It’s time, my friends, to Let Galen do it.


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