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Trail Description

     Martin Creek State Park is located about 18 miles east of Henderson.  Take Hwy. 43 out of Henderson and go toward Tatum, follow the brown State Park signs.
     Martin Creek trails are not as technical as the Tyler State Park trails.  They are mostly flat, with mainly singletrack.

Trail Updates

12/29/01 by Jim Walker  Lady of Martin Creek Lake

5/23/01 by Russell Cox
 Right now the trail at MCSP is in pretty good shape.  It needs some trimming, but I have cleared most of the big stuff out of the way.  It is dry with only a few damp spots in low lying areas.  We put out several more "Carsonite" trail markers as well as mileage markers over the last few months.  Hopefully this will clear up some of the confusing areas.

I think our Wednesday training rides will typically start around 5:00pm.  The  trail is an 8 mile loop with several places to cut it short if that is preferred.  The Longview Bike Club Web Site has some information  about the trail with a link to the park map.

Hope this info is helpful.  See you on the trail

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