The Official Newsletter of the Tyler Bicycle Club
Vol. 19, No. 9
October 2001

St. Jude Ride
     October 20th TBC will once again cycle to Hawkins and Petty's Café, using the opportunity to raise money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital , Memphis, TN. St. Jude's is the research hospital for childhood diseases which provides free services. Join the ride, ask friends, family, neighbors, and fellow workers for financial contribution in this worthy cause.  

     The St. Jude Ride  leaves from Bill Cornelius' office (Donnybrook & 5th) at 8:30 a.m. Oct 20th. (Some may wish to start from Super 1 on N. Beckham St.) A stop for breakfast at Petty's Café, Hawkins, is made prior to an optional ride around Lake Hawkins. Returning to Tyler, the
distance is about 60 miles. Omitting the Lake Hawkins loop, deletes 15 miles. Or you can take your vehicle to Petty's Cafe and just do the
Lake Hawkins circle. 

PREZZ SEZZ by Galén Williams
     I find it difficult to write this Prezz… I can't ignore the sorrow and suffering of the victims of the recent events of New York City and Washington D.C. Our September club meeting was canceled because of this. Nothing was more important than what our eyes and hearts were witnessing on that day. I pray that the friendships and the time we spend
together will buffer some of the worries and uncertainties that lie ahead. Cycling helps me forget, momentarily, some of the troubles.

     If you have ever wondered, the Adopt a Highway contract is a service to the community and is done for the Texas Department of Transportation. Recently we found out that we were one of the best
“picker upper” groups! I have to admit that we have a love-hate
relationship with trash. I have dreamt of ways to get out of it myself, but the sense of duty prevails. We are not ready to throw away the trash bags, yet. It is imperative that we maintain a good relationship with TX DOT. Remember this when you see the next pick up date announced.

     I need to address another issue, and it has to do with memberships renewals. The $10.00 fee from July to December ONLY applies to new members. Renewal, even if is very, very late, is $20.00 (no penalty charged). Your contribution is greatly appreciated and it goes to pay for printing and mailing of the newsletters every month, office supplies, the summer picnic and Christmas party, free helmets for children and other donations.  About 24 memberships pay for one year of storage for Beauty and the Beast supplies and other club stuff. We had two mountain bike races in ‘95 and ‘96, the revenues of which have helped us get this far. We have come a long way! B&B is growing… it’s not that big, yet. Remember this when January 2002 comes, and it is time to pay your dues. We are very thankful to all those who support the Tyler Bicycle Club. Every little bit helps.

     There is a nominating committee looking for candidates for next year’s officers. Don’t panic if they approach you. You may be the next one. I have survived, so can you. 

     And last… I’m proud of those who I’ve seen stopping at the two new red lights on Hwy 69 and also at the stop signs. Thanks so much for setting a good example! It reflects on the club. Just remember, it took only one person complaining about one cyclist to get the ball rolling for legislation that would have banned cyclists on our FM roads. It is really our choice whether we keep our rights or not. So, safe cycling to all of you. 

Gnarly Dog
     Fall is just around the corner and the Gnarly Dog mountain bike time trials at Tyler State Park are soon to start. We hope to get approval from the Park. Here is the schedule of races: 11/4, 11/18, 12/2, 12/16, 1/6, 1/20 and 2/10. Check the TBC website for more details. Thanks to all those who have helped cleaning the mountain bike trails of debris from the rain. 


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