The Official Newsletter of the Tyler Bicycle Club
Vol. 20, No. 4
April 2002

April meeting—04/09/02—Club meeting, 7:00 p.m./Tyler Chamber of Commerce building at Broadway and Line,
downtown. Program by: TBC Members to “stuff” B&B 2002 ride packets  SPIKE SAYS:
GGGGGGGRRRRRRRRAAHHH… Show up at the meeting to do the B&B tour/race packets  OR ELSE ….and, at the same
time stuff yourself with all the FREE PIZZA you can eat . 

Beauty & the Beast Bicycle Tour and Race Hosted By: 
The Tyler Bicycle Club & 
The University of Texas at Tyler
April 27, 2002
Featuring The Scenic Beauty Of East Texas, 
The Rolling Hills, And The Ever Ferocious “BEAST”! 
Also Again This Year: 
The Kids Race!!
For more information, contact 1-800-235-5712
Or e-mail wc@wilsonlawfirm.com
Or visit our website at www.TylerBicycleClub.com
March 12th monthly meeting Report

At the March 12th monthly meeting, Dale Booth, Bicycle Coordinator for TxDOT presented a very informative program regarding our East Texas rural roads and the cyclists who use them. 

Several years ago, TxDOT asked TBC and the Longview Bicycle Club (LBC) to tell which roads cyclists preferred to use. Members of TBC from Tyler, Lindale and Henderson sent information to Dave Williams who put the information on a map. The map was given to TxDOT along with a similar map from Longview. TxDOT compiled the information and produced a master map. Mr. Booth brought the master map to the meeting and informed the club that TxDOT engineers DO INDEED consult the master map before making decisions on road improvements. 

Dale said that for TxDOT to meet us half way regarding their giving special priority to the roads the we say we use, WE MUST USE THOSE ROADS. It is our job now to let TxDOT know which roads we are now riding, since our preferences have changed through the years and people have moved away from roads they have ridden in the past. 

If you use a road frequent basis, please Email Dave Williams (davwilliam@tcainternet.com) or post the information on Topica. Include information such as how many times a month you ride the route and how many people you know who ride the route. 

If you would like to see the TxDOT map, attend the April 9th club meeting where you may also stay and help stuff the rider-goody-bags for the Beauty and the Beast Tour/Race!

by Eric Williams

PREZZ SEZZ By Eric Williams
Committee Of One 

For the last couple of weeks I have been thinking about what we can do to increase the membership in the club. I understand that cyclists lose interest because of family commitments, development of other interests other than cycling, work responsibilities, or moving out of town. However, there are always people just coming into the sport, too. The question is how do we let them know about the club and explain to them the benefits of being in a club. 

Last week, Galén and I were in Tanner's. A young lady was leaving the store at the same time we were, and my little wife did what she does so well: "Did you know that we have a bike club in town?" "The best way to learn to bike and stick with it is to ride with a group who will help you." "If you really want to get into cycling and learn how to ride, you need to join a club." "Have you read our newsletter?" 

Of course, this is the best way to build the club--BE A COMMITTEE OF ONE. It is the responsibility of each member and to the benefit of all to promote Tyler Bicycle Club. Each of us is here because we love the sport; so, why not invite others to join in and share our enjoyment. 

April 27, 2002 

Make sure you take a generous supply of dog biscuits to appease the savage beasts as Spike's buddies welcome you to Dog Valley in this unique race. It does not ascend "The Beast" hill, but it goes up one even steeper! The distance is 70 miles with a check point on top of scenic Lover's Lookout near Jacksonville.

Cash Prizes! First place will receive $100, second place $50, and third place $25 in both men's and women's categories. Free entry in next year's race will be awarded to first through third in each category. 

You can have a doggone good time just riding this route, if you don't want to race it. 

Not a sanctioned race, so you don't need a license. Just sign up on the regular B&B form. 

Raid Patsy Pantry returns…. and YOU are invited.

April 20th is the NTCC Art Pedalers "Ride with the Eagles" at North Texas Community College.

The college is north east of Pittsburg right in the middle of the Golden Triangle of North East Texas (Pittsburg, Mt Pleasant and Daingerfield).

After the ride everyone is invited to eat lunch at my Mom's house in Pittsburg. We skipped last year and my Mom has never let me forget it, this is something she loves too do. 

In 2000 we had 20+ Tyler Bicycle Club members eating lunch and in 1999 we had about 15 eat. I will have maps to my Mom's house at the ride (it is on the way back to Tyler from the college).   You can contact me at 561-3867 (home)  561-4534 (work) or david@bufordmedia.com.

Hope to see you there,
David Starrett


The Bullard Volunteer Fire Department will be having their fund raiser on April 6th. They will sell hamburgers, and other goodies from 11 AM to 6 PM.

These firemen give life to one of our Beauty and the Beast Rest Stops. If you are in their neighborhood, please, stop by and thank them. 

Recruitment of volunteers for Beauty and the Beast is in high gear. We need people to flag along the routes. We also need drivers for the small U-Haul trucks that will bring the supplies to the rest stops AND volunteers for the start-finish area at UTT will be welcomed! 

If you were a flagger last year and would like to help again, give me a call. Your experience counts! 

Thanks, Galén 509-2603 or ericgalen@msn.com 

One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas, how he got in my pajamas, I don’t know!” -Groucho Marx

Schedule of Events: (For calendar changes, see the TBC website at www.tylerbicycleclub.com)

State Park Mountain Bike Rides meet at Tyler State Park on weekends at Blackjack campground, where the trail heads are located. Easy to challenging routes available. If you are a beginner, or do not want to ride by yourself, let us know by calling one of the officers, or by e-mailing to Topica.

Saturday Breakfast Rides leave from Faulkner Park on Hwy 69 at 8:00 a.m. Ride goes to Bullard (about 8 miles). Everyone meets at Sherry’s for breakfast, then split up for longer rides.

B&B Rides leave from UT Tyler parking lot at 2:00 p.m. and include the tour routes for B&B. Routes from 12-64 miles, with 40 miles the average ride.

Wednesday Nite Rides for Mt. Bikes: Meet at Tanner’s Bikes at 5:00 PM or Tyler State Park/Blackjack campground at 6:00PM.


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