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Vol. 21, No. 12                    The Official Newsletter of the Tyler Bicycle Club         December 2003

Christmas Party

6:30 p.m., December 5th at Heartland Ham, 3400 S. Broadway

We'll have ham, turkey, tamales and refreshments.  Please, bring a salad, a casserole dish or dessert to make it even special.  The Rude Dog Time Trial will be awarded, don't forget.  Bring your check book and purchase your new club jersey.

Thursday, December 4, 6 p.m.

   We invite everyone to come and participate in the Christmas Parade on December 4th at 6 PM, weather permitting.  It's a great opportunity to ride as a family and let the little ones ride their own bikes.  Parents, or an older brother or sister, need to ride with the children.     Light up your bikes and wear your Club jerseys if you have one.  It is a lot of fun. 

     The line up for the parade starts at 5 PM at N. Spring St. and E Bow St.  The route is the same as two years ago.  It start next to the Municipal Court Bldg.  Do not dress as Santa because there must be just one Santa in the whole parade.  A good place to park is at the Chamber of Commerce, if you get there early enough.

     if you have any questions, call me.  Hope to see you there!



Greg Tanner of Tanner’s Bikes demonstrates the proper technique for changing a tire at the November club meeting.  Photo courtesy of Dave Williams.


     Greg offered us some much-needed instruction on how to make bike repairs without a repair stand.  Unfortunately, many of us will still be all thumbs, but not for lack of good instruction!

     Greg was the guest speaker at the November club meeting at Heartland Ham.


Andy Kathan won his race in Ruston and Martin took 4th in his. Tyler Simpson turned a 56 minute A thru D loop lap in the 24 hour race at TSP. Not bad for an old guy that had hip replacement last year. I believe his was the second fastest lap in the event. Walker Secor, who rides with us on the road on Wednesday, took the solo title with 12 laps in the 24 hour race. Good job by the locals 

--Bob Hebb

Andy Kathan took first place in Men's 55+ Expert class and Martin Piskozub took fourth in his division in the fall TMBRA series.  Way to go, guys!


     We’ve been blessed with good weather so far on the Gnarly Dog time trials.  Some of the Dallas folk returned for some more trail time this past Sunday, November 16th, and some Tylerites also put in some good times.  Martin Piskozub once again had the fastest time, but Jeff Nixon was not far behind.  Cliff Evans “catted up” to Sport and rode a nifty 1:02.00.  Kayla Bass suffered through with broken shifters and a stiff front shock to take top points for women.

     If you haven’t ridden one of the Gnarly Dogs yet, come out and give it a whirl!  We need to get beginners and women out there (category prizes await you!).

 —Kahne Walker, GG Time Trial director

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Tyler Bicycle Club Officers
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Vice President:  Galen Williams
Secretary:  Frances Singleton
Treasurer:  Tal Glenn
Membership:  Cathy Cockrell

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     I’m writing this on a gorgeous day in late October.  Last weekend, we went back to normal Central Standard Time, and “lost” the added hour of daylight we’d enjoyed for riding on Wednesday nights (and I suppose other week nights as well).

     The question now is “What am I going to do over these winter months until we have that full daylight again?”   I’ve already heard some riders talking about the wintertime weight gain.  How do we counter the “hibernation” feelings?  Are we going to be like the bears and eat more stuff to add an extra layer of fat to sustain us while hibernating?

     Heck no!  Not this bunch!  I’ll just bet there are already some of you who’ve pulled that trainer out of the closet and dusted it off.  It seems to fit nicely right in front on that picture window or TV, doesn’t it?  If you’re fortunate enough to have a copy of “Breaking Away,” you can hammer right along with those Cutters around the Indiana University track in the Little 500.  (By the way, they still have that race every year.  Has any one in our club ridden in it)?

     Of course there are several athletic centers around town that offer spin classes (yes, they do help and yes, they can make you sweat).  TJC and UT Tyler both have athletic centers that also offer spin classes.  So do ETMC and Mother Frances hospitals.  Several club members regularly go to spin class a couple of nights each week during those cold, rainy winter months.  When you’re with a bunch at spin class, it’s almost as much fun as the Wednesday night family ride.

     Make it your goal to stay in riding shape this winter.  Keep on avoiding those “bad” foods.  Oh, OK, enjoy Thanksgiving and Christmas, but then get back to good eating habits, and join us at spin class.  No one gets dropped at spin class.  Then we’ll look for you at the park on Saturday mornings.

     Smooth roads and safe riding,


Vote on Officer Nominations at Christmas Party

     The nominating committee for TBC, composed of Bill Cornelius, David Starrett, David Williams and Eric Williams, are recommending the following people as club  for the coming year:  Butch Willingham for President, Norman Middleton, VP,  Frances Singleton, Secretary, Tal Glenn, Treasurer, and Galén Williams, Membership Chairman.  If you would like to be an officer, contact David Williams.  We will officially vote at the Christmas Party. If you do not show up for the Christmas party, you are liable to be drafted (!), if any of the nominees back out.

Tyler Bicycle Club memebrship dues are due effective January 1st.  You may use the membership form in this newsletter and bring you dues to the Christmas Party.  Those who do not renew their memberships will stop receiving the Club newsletter after January 1st. 

Don't put it off!  Do it now! 

Annual Dues

January 1st to December 1st:  $20
July 1st to December 1st:  $10
Renewal Date:  January 1st

Mail Checks to:

Tyler Bicycle Club
P. O. Box 6734
Tyler, TX  75711

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